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Most believers will be quick to agree that they are hungry for more. A life that  has a distinct meaning. A life full of joy and peace. A life full of Jesus!
Journey to More is a guide and map to assist you, you and your mate, or you and your small group on this  journey to a more intimate relationship with your Abba Father. JTM begins with my personal journey and ends with yours.  It's developing your personal story and discovering Gods unique life-map for you.  Together , we will arrive at the heart of a full and overflowing life,  full of More of Jesus...and a Best Friend relationship with Him.


As we  journey together, we don't focus on a destination, but the journey...of drawing ever closer to Him .  JTM is a guide and map for this venture. The journey is filled with magnificent routes and distinct signs that lead to breath-taking and exhilarating discoveries. We are convinced that you will discover more than you ever dreamed possible! We are .eager to take this adventure with you. God bless you as we seek His Beautiful Face together.

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Journey to More is now available in Kindle format at amazon.com for only $2.99.

• Solomon considers those that don't forgive, "fools", and calls the forgiver, "blessed". Prov. 12:16; Mt. 5:11


• Lord, I give thanks for Your grace, patience, greatness, goodness, and Your love, and I now pause to draw near to enjoy Your Presence.


• The way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what He does for us, not by what we are and what we do for Him. Rom.12:3 The Message


• On our 2013 journey, filled with a myriad of uncertainties, we're in desperate need of more off ramps that dead-end at the Feet of Jesus!